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Beyza Şahin was born in Istanbul in 1975. Based on the principle of "Communication, creativity and technology… If you can use these components correctly in the universe of immensity, success is inevitable" she established Maya Advertising Agency in 2005, together with her sister Özlem Şahin. The advertising agency, which was established based on this artistic spirit and creativity idea, has carried out many significant projects that can follow and analyze sectoral gaps as well as commercial successes in the process, in this mean the angencies research and global thinking capabilities became one of the outstanding and most successful firms. Maya Advertising Agency obtains as one of the leading names in the industry, serving in both the creative and digital universe for 15 years. Maya also produced social responsibility projects sourced by Software and approved by the relevant Ministry.

In 2018, they developed GLM (Global Legal Matters) a news sharing channel in the field of law, which they produced and managed, and succeeded in bringing many lawyers together on the same platform. Global Legal Matters is an important communication tool on the online platform, especially for international lawyers who want to learn more information about Turkish Legal Market and Turkish Law Firms. This Platform serves the purpose of both contributing to the activities of lawyers who have proven their success in reputable law firms in our country and who have been awarded and rated by the most important platforms of the World; and also, to inform our valuable followers without regard to any order in their field of expertise.
Global Legal Matters

Global Legal Matters is an online publication for and about lawyers interested and working in Europe and the middle east also. ‘’Globallegalmatters’’ was established in 2018. Our main target is sharing with you global and important legal news.