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As Maya Reklam, we have been providing services in the fields of the web Technologies, software, advertising and corporate identity since 2005. Through our consultancy service, we work to minimaze the cost of Digital advertising and software Project of our customers. We are prefered by Internet users with our uniqe service and solution oriented approach.

Global Legal Matters in an online platform for people and especially lawyers who interested and working in europe and the Middle East also. This Platform was created by Maya Reklam in 2008, in order to bring together important law firms and lawyers in our country and contribute to their recognition. Domestic and foreign customers who visit our platform will be able to reach you according to your expertise. The main purpose of this platform is tos hare the latest legal news with you and all readers. The second goal is to create a platform in GLM, like Legal500 or Chambers&Partners, bringing you to more people all over the World.

Global Legal Matters

Global Legal Matters is an online publication for and about lawyers interested and working in Europe and the middle east also. ‘’Globallegalmatters’’ was established in 2018. Our main target is sharing with you global and important legal news.